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We are a company that manufactures clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry and decorative items in India in small factories with which we have a direct and fluid contact that allows us to ensure that they work in a legalized way, free of child exploitation and sometimes in a beneficial way helping those who need it most.

Our collections are designed with a casual style, inclined towards hippie chic. Being sometimes more ethnic and sometimes more neutral. We are characterized by the colors and embroidery, two things that predominate in India.

Our products are aimed at an audience that seeks different and handmade products at competitive prices.

Our brand was created thinking of being able to offer something different, something original, without forgetting the current life where the practicality and the comfort are fundamental.

We are in constant innovation, seeking to improve ourselves every day.

Our trips enrich us as people and allow us to know new, different and original things; besides having a friendly treatment with our suppliers.

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