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We are a brand of hippie, bohemian, alternative clothing, we make handmade clothes, bags, jewelry and all hippy, ethnic, boho or alternative accessories for men and women.

We are a brand of hippie, bohemian, alternative clothing, we make clothing, bags, jewelry and accessories hippy, ethnic, boho chic or alternative for men and women.

Own design and handicraft making taking care of legalized workforce - Free of child exploitation.


2 in 1 multifunction

Versatile garment with the possibility of using it as a skirt or dress, it also has two bows that you can use in different ways
Healing Stones

7 Chakra Mineral Stones Set

Set of 7 mineral stones forming the chakras, in this combination you will find a bag that includes a stone of each of these minerals: citrine, blue quartz, onyx, red jasper, rose quartz, yellow calcite and green quartz
Bracelets and Anklets

7 Chakras + Buddha Bracelet

Bracelet of different mineral stones forming the 7 chakras with golden details, one of which has the face of a Buddha
Tibetan Bowls

7 Chakras Throat Bowl

Tibetan bowl with inscriptions and colors of the 7 ckakras, this being the throat chakraYou can make a set of the 7 chakras by buying 1 unit of each color. The photo of the 7 bowls is merely illustrative
Sculptures and Statues

8 inch Buddha statue

Large 8-inch full-length Buddha statue, carved from wood with great detail and first-rate quality.Imported directly from India.
Bracelets and Anklets

Amethyst Bracelet

Bracelet made of the mineral stone Amethyst combined with silver details
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